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"savannah, ga"

recorded in my bedroom on logic 9 on an imac g5 from nov 2019-april 2020, using a vintage akg d 190, a bunch of guitars and a bunch of pedals. my masterpiece. buy it

track list

  1. apple lisa (3:35)
  2. callie fornia (2:45)
  3. glossolalia (2:49)
  4. half n half (2:26)
  5. 2 recreate my soul in yr image (2:31)
  6. homage (to everyone killed by their own gender dysphoria, and to those who survived) (3:22)
  7. savannah ga (5:43)
  8. catnip (3:28)
  9. twilit halloween of the silent tracks (3:06)
  10. cat bandz (3:28)

the pink series

i released these so they wouldnt have to be in the vault

#1: keep me warm baby

  1. nihilism is for idiots (2:56)
  2. sleeping on the floor (2:48)
  3. keep me warm baby (2:52)
  4. sumthin girl (1:41)
  5. is there anyone out there? (2:22)
  6. whisperin girl (2:05)

#2: ultimate summer ep to kiss girls to

  1. monophonia (3:30)
  2. wild road (2:55)
  3. lovers among us (3:02)
  4. watching the drunks (2:18)
  5. for the better (0:46)
  6. I-VI suite (5:52)
    1. i knew god and now she is dead
    2. your song is playing in my mind tonight
    3. i couldn't care less
  7. you will be strangers (2:39)
  8. rainy day (not alone) (2:39)


this one is a compilation album. it's a whole bunch of like little sampley vocodery tracks i made in 2017-2018. i don't really have much to say about them, just enjoy em i guess. grab a digital copy off my bandcamp.

track list

  1. prey animals (2:33)
    • this is kind of a weird one. i made this in early 2018 as part of another project that got finished but scrapped and since then its been kind of orphaned. it's about climate change and a sort of idea i get when im really depressed that humans when given the chance will always screw over other humans. real heath ledger joker shit.
  2. i wanna say some things to you (but i don't know if they'll be true) (1:00)
    • this one has 1 line of lyrics and its the title which is an idea i always thought was cool. not hard to sing along to. this was the intro from another different project from 2017 but i decided it was good enough to stand on its own and be the 2nd track on this lil compilation. i have really bad memory and sometimes i say things that i forget aren't true and the title is kind of about that.
  3. buy a wish (3:17)
    • eeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lookat meeeeeeeeeeee i sampled snow white for my dreamy lofi hip hop track go and play it on your lofi music to study to channellllll. this is the only instrumental on this record but luckily Adriana Caselotti, the original actor for snow white, sang some cool shit for me to sample so it doesnt make a difference
  4. bemybaby (2:16)
    • phil spector cover. phil spector was known for his huge, layered music, so naturally i made my cover as sparse as humanly possible. a lot of the instrumentation on this was from this little music toy i had for my nintendo dsi. the sort of shitty early-computer sound seemed to me like a sort of interesting little parody of phil spectors "vocals over catchy music-mush" - phil spector combined a lot of instruments to create one big wall with no particular identity but now with computers you can just use your nintendo ds to create a very small wall with no particular identity.
  5. the fox + the hound (3:43)
    • objectively the best song on this album. if youre going to listen to 1 song off this album have it be this one or "threshold guardian"
  6. watersong (2:05)
    • made this one in beepbox, which is like a little web based tracker thing. this one got made when i was very very enamored with the idea of the major pentatonic scale
  7. threshold guardian (2:16)
    • ahh gosh this one is really good. this is my personal favorite probably. samples "computer love" by kraftwerk. sorry, florian and rolf. if you listen at the beginning you can hear a bit of the underground theme from yoshis island which i think might be the saddest piece of music ever scored, tied with "computer love" by kraftwerk.
  8. new jersey (2:07)
    • this is a musical representation of going down the new jersey turnpike at 1:30am when its kind of cold and smells like shit. the sort of industrial parts of new jersey are so fucking industrial and lifeless and its like. its like a complete industrial ghost town. it's utterly unnatural feeling. you see all these logos of companies youve never heard of and they have the literal worlds most generic logos with like a photo of the world or a jigsaw piece or something and you google the company name on your phone and they're like a warehouse company or a real estate company or something
  9. how i feel right now (2:38)
    • not going to explain this one. its just how i felt right then.
  10. ill follow you into the dark (2:33)
    • the original idea behind this one is to take the previously mentioned phil spector wall of sound idea, and rather than subverting it by computerizing it, take it to its logical conclusion wherein the wall of sound that accompanies the lead vocal like an acoustic guitar or piano would and the lead vocal are just completely combined. i meant to do this by doing a million overdubs of harmony but i am not the greatest harmony singer so i took a shortcut and just used a vocoder which completely changed the concept for me. it sort of turned into this phillip k dick thing, like blade runner but for new york instead of san francisco. like you walk down a street corner and a bunch of robots have just formed a little barbershop quartet, and theyre singing these delightful harmonies but you know its just cause theyre robots and they probably just programmed this classic song into themselves. and so youre just listening and then the quiet part happens, you know "in the blackest of rooms~" and you hear the tenor sing that line and you hear him hit the wrong note, and it just completely throws you all in disarray. it makes you wonder, "are these androids just singing a song, or do they really relate to the sentiment? what does it mean, if an android can fuck up?"
  11. the sundowners (glam punk mix) (2:09)
    • the last one was a bit of a downer so heres a fun little song. i dont actually know how to rollerblade it was just a cool concept. i wrote it in the dead of fucking winter

"im just a person, leave me be" w/ fezzy

i made this album over the course of maybe four months? the idea behind it was to take a sound like that of aphex twin's "Selected Ambient Works 85-93" (1993) and add vocal hooks and my favorite jangley guitar sound to it. i was listening to a lot of adventure zone: balance at the time too so the music used in that was an influence as well. i'm still pretty damn proud of it. its got a lo-fi, synth-driven sound i quite like. its pretty dancy except the one that's in 17/8 for most of it. a dear friend from northern ireland called fezzy did most of the lyrics, which is why they're so good. grab a digital copy off my bandcamp or email me for a cassette($10).

track list

  1. ending song (2:11)
  2. time passes faster (3:12)
  3. be my lover tonite (2:52) (listen)
  4. boys are fake, girls are real (5:36) (listen)
  5. organisme (interlude) (0:15)
  6. you're too good to me! (i'm not good enough actually) (7:12)
  7. everythings going fuzzy, everythings getting loud (3:00)
  8. been sick (3:41)
  9. desordre (interlude) (1:55)
  10. motion sickness (2:46)
  11. i'll be sure to get there (3:48)
  12. basse (interlude) (0:37)
  13. take my hand (3:39)
  14. usine (interlude) (0:05)
  15. nobody knows you when youre down and out (2:36)

"there's something wrong with me but i don't know what"

this one was the first attempt at a concept i've had in my head for a while, of the "season album." influenced by the indian concept of particular pieces of music having ideal times of day in which to be played, i chose to extend the concept to times of year. this one was supposed to be a sort of an ode to summer, as you may have guessed from the intro song. other examples of summer albums include death cab for cutie's "Plans," any sublime album, add more later. i'm pretty proud of the cover, which i designed with construction paper during study hall with the help of a school friend of mine. grab a digital copy off my bandcamp or email me for a cassette($10).

track list

  1. summer daze (2:19)
  2. escapee from the banal (2:07)
  3. easter (3:28)
  4. i don't want to be forgotten (4:12)
  5. doom and gloom fill the room as my eyes are drawn to you (3:00)
  6. i spent nights in the city lights (2:33)
  7. gunlight (2:31)
  8. the fox + the hound (3:34)
  9. endless climb (3:55)
  10. his wedding (8:06)

"the wolves"

i'd done several albums without releasing them before this one but they were all kind of extremely dry (for some fucking reason i abjectly refused to use any space effects except for slapback echo,) underproduced, beatles-wannabe pop. then, one day, influenced by early-aughts garage rock, Animal Collective, the Doors, and vaporwave artist Blank Banshee, inspiration struck. i had the idea to do a completely reverb-drenched noise rock album with elements of world music and electronica.

this was my first really complete project, and i still think it holds up. grab a digital copy off my bandcamp or email me for a cassette($10).

track list

  1. moon beam girl (3:56)
  2. seas (4:13)
  3. the all-american criminal (2:24)
  4. 7,000,000,000 people (3:01)
  5. the shower lasted 100 hours (2:50)
  6. the wolves (3:32)
  7. baroque funk draconic song (2:37)
  8. chants (coyotes in the distance) (4:09)
  9. lacuna raccoon (1:37)

squadalah! we're off! here are y instant gramme, my tweeter, and my bandicamp. this website looks best on not firefox.