i make music, under a couple different names.

lately i've been making synth-pop music under my own name on my bandcamp, but in the past i've released odd chiptune experiments as "electronic fox," long winded 80s pop as "brunhilde," and various tracks from across projects on my soundcloud.

i have a record label but not really called "possum possum possum records." i started it in 2018 when i really wanted to start a label for some reason and i havent been able to bring myself to delete it. if you wanna be on it email me or something

MY MUSIC IS NOW ON STREAMING SERVICES! look up "biddy fox" on your favorite streaming service! finally, you can put good music on your playlist!

biddy fox ( page )


squadalah! we're off! here are my instant gramme, my tweeter, and my bandicamp. this website looks best on not firefox.